Commercial Overhead Doors in Southern California

Decide what type of garage door you need for your business

By: Ben Cartwright
July 18, 2022

Commercial Overhead Doors in Southern California

With your business’s commercial overhead door being opened and closed dozens of times a day, it’s essential to ensure that it can hold up to the rigors of your daily operations. Finding the best commercial overhead door for your business is only part of the equation. It’s also crucial to ensure it is properly installed to perform as it should and create a proper seal to make your warehouse more energy efficient.

When it comes to commercial garage doors, there are many available options on the market—deciding what type and what you need is an essential first step before purchasing and installing a commercial overhead door. At National Equipment and Service, we’ve been repairing and installing commercial garage doors for over 30 years. We can help you determine the best commercial overhead door for your business in Southern California.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors are the standard for shops like auto repair, restaurants, retail stores, and even fire departments. Commercial overhead doors come with a standard railing along both sides and curves upward and over the door from the inside. This allows you to put the door “overhead” when opening it so that you have an unobstructed entry.

Most commercial overhead garage doors are equipped with a chain pulled by a motor that locks the door in place. These no-nonsense doors don’t have a ton of complicated moving parts, but they require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate smoothly. It is best to have a professional technician install your commercial overhead door as even a slight misalignment on the rails can lead to warping issues and your door not operating as it should.

Glass and Aluminum Doors

While not as robust and heavy-duty as a steel overhead garage door, an aluminum door with glass panels allows natural light and is generally lighter, making them ideal for retail, restaurant, and auto maintenance shops. Instead of a pulley and chain motor, aluminum and glass doors are typically operated with a hydraulic overhead to ensure the door is opened and closed slowly and deliberately to avoid damage.

Because of the variety of customization options, aluminum and commercial glass doors have found uses outside the industrial sector, such as schools, offices, and contemporary-styled restaurants and retail outlets. Similar to commercial overhead doors, a professional technician best installs these doors.

Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors

Just like your home or apartment’s garage doors, a commercial roll-up garage door operates similarly. Significantly cheaper than aluminum and glass door, roll-up garage doors are a no-nonsense option that forgoes aesthetics but get the job done. You’ll typically find roll-up commercial garage doors on self-storage units and small-scale repair or retail shops.

Since they can be manually operated, you can save on installation and maintenance costs by not installing a motor to raise and lower the doors. Most maintenance involves greasing the axle regularly. While you could save money and attempt a DIY installation, we recommend having a professional commercial garage door technician handle the installation. Like other commercial garage doors, if your door is misaligned, this can put undue pressure on the panels and cause your roll-up garage door to work. Since the panels must fold at a certain angle, even a slight warp can make your roll-up commercial door inoperable.

Ultrafast Commercial Garage Doors

These efficient yet durable commercial garage doors operate like a high-tech sunshade. They have a similar structure to the roll-up sheet doors. Still, They are usually constructed of highly durable and weather-resistant industrial fabric, making them instead of bulky like many standard commercial garage doors.

Unlike roll-up doors with large, separated panels, these ultrafast commercial garage doors are a single-piece design allowing them to be opened and closed more quickly using fewer moving parts. Businesses with a high volume of in-and-out traffic typically utilize these types of doors. However, these doors don’t provide the same insulation as an overhead commercial garage door. They require a high-speed motor to open and close it, so it’s best to have a professional determine which size and type of ultrafast door are best for your business.

How To Install An Overhead Commercial Garage Door

Once you’ve decided which commercial garage door is best for your business, you’ll want to have the distributorship everything to your place of business. Some suppliers offer installation services, but you may wait a long time for one of their technicians to get to you. While you think you can save time and money installing your new commercial overhead door yourself, chances are you’ll be doing the opposite.

It’s important to remember that your commercial overhead door manufacturer or seller typically has warranties that specify how you must install your door to maintain your coverage. Cutting a corner here or there or using the wrong parts could void your warranty, leaving you holding the bag if the door fails. This is why we recommend hiring a professional like the ones at National Equipment and Service. Not only will we do it right the first time, but we will also take every precaution to ensure the safety of you and your staff during and after installation.

Why Choose National Equipment and Service

We founded National Equipment and Service (NES) in 1989 as a full-service dock and door company specializing in installation, repair, and proactive maintenance, with the idea that our customers and employees should be our top priority. We specialize in commercial garage door repair, installation, and maintenance and know the Southern California area. We can help you decide which door is best for your operations and security concerns. We can also determine which energy-efficient doors can help lower your operating cost to save you money while keeping your business humming.

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