Signs That Your Commercial Door Needs Repair

Signs that your commercial door needs to be repaired

By: Ben Cartwright
September 30, 2022

Indicators It's Time to Repair Your Commercial Garage Door

Whether you and your team operate a parking garage, distribution center, or warehouse depends on your commercial garage door. It protects what’s inside from the elements, but a commercial garage door also helps protect your assets and products from theft. Commercial garage doors are designed to withstand thousands of openings and closings. However, damage to the frame or the door itself can not only prevent you from running your business smoothly but could potentially cause severe injuries to your crew or damage your team. If your business has a commercial garage door, it’s crucial that you get on top of any necessary repairs. As a business owner, you want to ensure your employees have a safe environment and keep your business running smoothly. Below are signs that your commercial garage door needs repair.

The Door Is Difficult to Open

Commercial garage doors are made from sturdy materials, but the frame, roller chains, motor pulleys, and v-belts do most of the heavy lifting. However, if the door is moving irregularly, such as rattling loudly as it opens or one side is retracting faster than the other side, chances are your commercial garage door needs service.

Rollers are responsible for helping your garage door glide smoothly up and down the track. Damaged or worn rollers cause the door to open with a jerky movement or get stuck and fail to help open the garage door at all. Moreover, not repairing the rollers leads to other parts of your commercial garage door getting damaged, and you may find you can’t operate it at all. If you start to notice that your garage door isn’t opening as smoothly as it once did, be sure to call a commercial garage door technician immediately before you end up having to replace your door altogether.

Your Commercial Garage Door has Dents and Damage

In commercial facilities with high traffic, such as parking garages and warehouses, it’s not unusual for commercial garage doors to get a dent here and there. However, the longer a dent is left unattended, the more likely rust will creep in, shortening the life span of your commercial garage door. Plus, multiple dents can make your garage door misaligned, which can put undue stress on the opener system, tracks, and rollers.

Broken or Damaged Commercial Garage Door Springs

With as much use as your commercial garage door gets daily, wear and tear on the parts will be an issue over time. Commercial garage door springs deal with thousands of pounds of pressure. Sometimes, the pressure is too much for older springs, and as they warp under the burden, you’ll find that your commercial garage door doesn’t function as well as it once did. You may even hear the springs breaking when your door is used or see parts of the springs around the garage door’s entrance.

Fortunately, replacing springs is a fairly simple process for a certified commercial garage door technician. It is a service that is best done immediately before a more expensive repair is needed.

Broken Commercial Garage Door Wire Cables

Wire cables assist in lifting and lowering commercial garage doors. Like other parts of your commercial garage doors, frequent use eventually wears out the wire cable, or they become brittle and less elastic with age. It’s best to periodically check the wire cables and look for any signs of damage or decay.

If you do notice any signs of damage, it’s best to call a skilled technician like those at NES. We can check your wire cables for wear and replace them before any you have a more expensive problem on your hands.

Sagging or Uneven Commercial Garage Door

While a sagging or uneven commercial garage door may seem like a minor inconvenience, sagging is a is a tell-tale sign that it needs immediate repair. Not only does an uneven door allow pest, such as rats and mice, to get in more easily, but if repairs are deferred the garage door could collapse and cause injury to your staff or customers. If you notice your commercial garage door sagging, call a skilled repair technician as soon as possible before the damage becomes worse and you’re in need of a commercial garage door replacement.

Cracked Rubber Seals

Your commercial garage door is constantly exposed to the elements. Couple that with daily use, and it’s no surprise that your commercial garage door’s rubber weather stripping seals become dry and brittle. While a cracked rubber seal may not be at the top of your priorities, it’s best to nip this repair job in the bud as soon as you can.

A properly installed weather-stripping seal will protect what is inside your commercial garage, distribution center, or warehouse from the elements and help keep out pests. Plus, as the seal becomes cracked and deteriorated, the debris could cause damage to your commercial garage door’s tracks and rollers. Missing or damaged Commercial Garage Door Insulation

Lack or missing commercial garage door insulation can quickly increase your operation costs. If you notice your heating or cooling bills increasing, your commercial garage door’s old or missing insulations could be the culprit. NES’s repair technicians can assess the door and determine what insulation is best for your commercial garage door.

National Equipment and Safety—Your Commercial Garage Repair Door Experts

We offer cost-effective scheduled service during your regular business hours for commercial garage door repairs. We’ll work with you and your budget to help advise you of your alternatives so that you can make the best choice. Our expert repair technicians are happy to discuss whether repairing or replacing your commercial garage door is your best choice and the effects on your long-term total cost of ownership. You can be confident you are making the best decision for your business and your staff’s safety.

Contact us to schedule your repair service today.

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