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National Equipment & Service (NES) provides industry-leading service for commercial dock and door equipment. We specialize in proactive maintenance, repairs, and installation. And our success is based on one simple philosophy — save lives and keep the economy humming.

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We provide a variety of services to ensure that your business thrives. We frequently handle large projects like large-scale, multi-site loading dock and commercial door installation. If you need an emergency commercial door repair, we can handle that too. Our technicians are available 24/7 for industrial door repair, fixing office doors, maintenance on entry gates, and a whole lot more. We will make sure your business experiences less downtime and maximizes total cost of ownership for all your industrial equipment. And if that old door is beyond repair, we also perform any business door replacement. We can handle everything from pedestrian doors to fire doors to glass entrances and storefront doors.

Explore all our commercial and industrial services or contact us directly. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Career Opportunities

We’re always on the lookout for people that have a positive attitude, enjoy learning every day, and take pride in their work, but also have fun doing it. Does this sound like you?

Check out our Careers page, and see why we are one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the industry.

Industry-Leading Service

The NES team is dedicated to offering the best service to our customers and the best work environment for our employees. Contact us today if you’re interested in commercial door repair, installation, or maintenance.

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What our customers say about us and our work

“Great communication, quick response times, and efficient completion”

The National Equipment team provides great communication, quick response times, and efficient completion. There is never a time I can't reach out to them when I need them - whether just to ask a simple question, discuss a job, or even just get a simple opinion. This team is great, does amazing work, and can always be counted on! Fast, knowledgeable, and effective service is what I always get from National Equipment.

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John E.
Malibu Beach, CA

“NES is reliable. Quick response time to get a tech on-site and great communication from the office.”

No issues! They are very reliable.

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David G.
Hollywood Hills, CA

“We’ve been working with National for a few years and they’ve been great.

They work around us and our schedule and always get the job done. They just got new vehicles and uniforms too! So they look good doing it!”

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Michael M.
Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Commercial Garage Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Questions

While our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about commercial garage doors, loading docks, and other jobs we typically handle.

What is a loading dock?

A loading dock, also called a loading bay, is the area of a warehouse or other commercial building where trucks or other vehicles, such as forklifts, load or unload materials and goods. Most loading docks are designed to expedite on or of leading with a specific type of vehicle, like semi-trucks or a range of commercial vehicles.

What is a dock door?

Dock doors refer to loading docks that are usually raised so that they are level with semi-truck trailers or other commercial vehicles carrying goods. The raised dock door allows a vehicle to back straight to the dock door without changing the trailer's position or lower ramps. A dock door will enable goods to be loaded or offloaded more quickly and efficiently.

What is a standard loading dock height?

In California, and throughout North America, a standard loading dock height is around 48 to 52 inches. Depending on the commercial vehicle used, the height can be up to 55 inches. The height generally depends on what trailer is being accommodated.

Do loading docks require fall protection?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations state that any dock that is 48 inches or higher requires loading dock safety measures to be installed. If your commercial dock door is open, dock worker protection is needed. Moreover, OSHA states that at 48 inches or higher, using only a simple, visual barrier like a brightly colored rope or chain isn't enough. Loading dock fall protections require using a barrier such as a loading dock safety gate or guardrails to ensure your workers operate in a safe environment.

NES has years of experience installing loading dock fall protection in Riverside and throughout Orange County, California, that meets OSHA regulations. Don't put your workers' safety or get hit with a steep fine, and call us today to see what we can do to ensure your commercial warehouse meets required safety regulations.

How do you install a commercial door closer?

Most commercial door closers vary, but most are typically use a heavy-duty metal arm connection that prevents the door from slamming open or close. If your commercial door uses the standard arm mechanism, the steps are as follows:

  • Select door opening and mark holes on the commercial door for door closer and holes on frame for arm shoe.
  • Drill or tap pilot holes in the door and frame, including screws. Most often, all-purpose screw pilot holes can be made using a drill with the correct bit size, while machine screws require you to tap the hole through.
  • Install the arm shoe assembly to the door frame using screws provided with your commercial door closer kit
  • Mount the door closer to the door using the screws provided and ensure that your pilot holes alight with the pre-drilled holes in your mount. The speed adjusting arm or hydraulic valve needs to be positioned toward your door's hinge.
  • Install the main arm to the top pinion shaft, perpendicular to the door. Make sure you secure the arm with the provided hardware.
  • Adjust the forearm length to be perpendicular to the frame when assembled to the preloaded main arm.
  • Secure the forearm to the main arm with the provided hardware and secure the pinion cap over the shaft at the bottom of the closer.

If this sounds like something you don't have time to handle or are unsure if you can do it correctly, just call us. Installing commercial door closers correctly the first time can save you a lot of time and money and ensure that your customers, employees, or equipment aren't insured due to a faulty commercial door closer installation.

How do you change a commercial door lock?

There are various kinds of commercial door locks, such as commercial strike keyless entry, restricted critical systems, magnetic locks, and door closers. Each style has its installation requirements. If your commercial door lock is damaged or has no function, it's best to give us a call to see if we can repair it. If not, we can recommend a commercial door lock replacement to help keep your Southern California or Riverside business safe and secure.

How much does a commercial garage door cost?

A commercial garage door can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000 and up. The price depends on the size, style, opener type, and commercial garage door quality. A basic roll-up commercial garage door could be cheaper, while a heavy-duty, insulated garage door would cost substantially more.

If you need to purchase a commercial garage door, it's best to give us a call. We can recommend the best commercial garage door for your business while ensuring to keep within your budget.

What is the difference between preventive and predictive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance: As the name implies, this work is done to "prevent" any issues and ensure your commercial garage door, dock doors, and the like are functioning correctly, and all the parts are in good shape. Preventative maintenance generally occurs on the same schedule every cycle, whether or not a repair is necessary.

Predictive maintenance: This maintenance happens when a repair or service is needed. Repairs or services draw on real-time collection and analysis of machine operation data to recognize issues and problems before they can interrupt your daily operations. The data supplied by the sensors and other diagnostic equipment can help reduce unplanned failures. If you need to shut down your operations for necessary repairs, predictive maintenance can help target the issue making your shutdown shorter.

NES can help you schedule preventative maintenance and equipment necessary for predictive maintenance to ensure that your Riverside commercial garage doors, loading dock, etc. are in the best condition keeping your business going without unnecessary interruptions.

What is proactive maintenance?

Proactive maintenance is a maintenance strategy that corrects the source of underlying equipment conditions. In the case of commercial infrastructure, this could be your overhead doors, loading dock doors, and any other part of your warehouse that typically needs servicing. Proactive maintenance aims to reduce unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and risks associated with using faulty or damaged equipment.

You may think, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it," but this mentality can cause severe repair costs and safety issues. Just like you regularly change the oil in your car to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the engine and prevent seizing, proactive maintenance helps ensure that your business continues to hum along without unnecessary closure or downtime. Our team specializes in proactive maintenance and can get your Riverside business on a schedule that works best for you.

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Didn’t find the answers that you were looking for? Contact us today, and our expert commercial repair and installation technicians can answer just about any questions you have. We’re happy to answer any questions about loading docks, commercial door repair and installation, preventive and proactive maintenance, and more.